Snow on beara


In the wilds of West Cork, three women ESTHER, NELL and JO-JO, meet on a cliff following a near fatal car accident. While trying to get to the nearest village, things don’t go to plan and they end up stuck on Nell’s tractor looking for shelter to ride out a massive snow storm.

Set in the forty-eight hours when the chaotic lives of these three women collide, we are brought on a wild journey through their crises where they must work together to survive the night.

In development with Screen Ireland.



The BRADLEYS and the DEASYS come from different sides of the river, one wealthy, one poor.

When DAWN DEASY wins a place on an elite university program, she meets privileged tutor EMMET BRADLEY, whose nihilistic tendencies are hilarious to Dawn, but deeply concerning to the faculty. Their lives and that of their mothers, MARTHA and SHEENA, collide and intertwine in unforeseen ways that lead to major upheaval for all concerned.

Developed at the TFL Extended TV Series Lab, Torino 2019



A love story about the extremes we follow to maintain belief in each other.

In development with Blinder Films and Calach Films as part of the new Lux-Ireland Co-Development Fund.